Picture of Aisling Snedker
Picture of Aisling Snedkar
Aisling, a native of Galway, has had an interest in the effects of nutrition and diet to health since an early age.

“… my passion for dietetics comes from the fusion of nutrition, science, medicine and psychology improving individual’s qualify of life and a desire to continue my life-long learning journey …”

After completing her degree and postgraduate training in the UK, she gained clinical experience as a dietitian working in hospitals for a number of leading national and international specialists.

Specialising primarily in diet and gastrointestinal disorders, Aisling has been a state registered dietitian for nearly 30 years and has had a successful private practice in Ireland for over 17 years.

Aisling is a qualified and experienced sports & exercise dietitian who focuses on individual competitive junior athletes along with senior athletes who continue to enjoy training and competing.