My Qualifications

BSc (hons) Home Economics (human ecology) from Bath Spa University 1991
PgDip Diploma in Dietetics from Glasgow Caledonian University 1993
RD Registered Dietitian with the Health Professions Council 1993
Further Adult Education Certificate Stage 11 Milton Keynes College 2004
PgCert Sports and Exercise Nutrition from Coventry University 2010
Member of Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute
Member of the British Dietetic Association

About Me

My goal is to provide a high quality accessible service which empowers my clients to change and improve their health and support their sports performance. With 23 years of experience of being a dietitian I bring a depth of experience and knowledge to my practice which greatly enhances the service I provide.

I left Galway in 1988 and went to college in Bath (UK) where I completed a BSc(hons) in Home Economics (human Ecology) in 1991. I then went on to qualify as a dietitian from Glasgow Caledonian University in 1993 . I worked as a junior and senior dietitian at Northampton General Hospital (UK). I gained excellent experience in specialist lipid and weight management clinics, and working with people with a variety of medical and surgical and orthopedic conditions. It was here I began my passion for behaviour modification in the treatment of chronic conditions, in particular Obesity and Diabetes. As a Senior 2 dietitian in Northampton I specialised in surgery , oncology, (including hospice work) hematology and diabetes including working with teenagers and pregnant women. 1n 1997 I changed job and went to work as a Senior 1 specialist dietitian at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford , which is a centre of excellence for the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions including intestinal failure. I specialised in the treatment of those with Crohns disease, Ulcerative colitis, complex digestive disorders, malabsorption and was fortunate to gain excellent experience in dealing with those with Irritable Bowel syndrome and now use the Low Fodmap with a 75% success rate .

In 2000 To further my interest and skills in psychology, psychiatry and behaviour modification I worked as a Senior Dietitian at St Andrews Hospital in Northampton before returning to Ireland in 2004 and becoming an independent dietitian. In 2006 I returned to working in diabetes and I now also work part time as a specialist Diabetes dietitian including Insulin Pump therapy until 2014..

In 1991 I saw my first triathlon speed past me in Bath (UK) and this grew into a career long passion in the science and practice of nutrition for triathlon but also long distance running, cycling and open water and competitive swimming.


I have worked and traveled with triathletes to what were in the '90s The World Long Course Championships in Nice and also to the Ironman in Lanzarotti. I have also been privileged to participate in warm weather training camps on a number of occasions with a top UK swim squad.

I have had worked with a number of high-ranking amateur triathletes since 1996 (with the odd rugby player and cricketer thrown in). I returned to University in 2009 to start my MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition, which draws together tuition in a range of sports, exercise science, psychology, physiology and dietetics.

The MSc is modular with sequential qualifications each year so I have now got a PgCert in Sports and Exercise nutrition.



Menu Review and analysis:
Organisations that would find this useful are restaurants, staff restaurants, nursing homes, crèches, retreat facilities and out door pursuits centres. Whether you want tips on how to cater for those customers who have special dietary requirements or you want your menu coded for heart health, calorie counted or meeting the nutritional needs of children.

This service includes a site visit, review of resources, full menu review and nutrition analysis.

Prices for project work begin at €200.


Healthy Eating Education:
In Primary and Secondary schools to parents, staff and children, active retirement groups, womens groups, healthy eating for mother and baby, support groups and mental health groups.

This service includes a 1 hour workshop, appropriate handouts and information sheets.

Prices vary as I do special rates for schools and support groups.


Sports Nutrition talks:
I can give a one off talk to your team or preferably do a series of 4 - 6 workshops based around different aspects of nutrition to meet the requirements of your athletes and specific sport.


Media work

Aisling has had radio experience and has published articles in a number of local and national papers and magazines including the Galway Independent, Galway Advertiser, Irish Independent, Galway Now and Tuam Herald, on diet for cancer, low glycaemic index diet, diet in pregnancy, vegetarian diets and behaviour change to aid weight loss.